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Competing fairly

Our success is driven by our talented workforce and innovation – never by unethical or illegal business practices. 

We compete vigorously and ethically by dealing fairly and honestly with all customers, competitors, suppliers, and business partners. We comply with antitrust laws everywhere we do business and we never misuse confidential information to gain an unfair advantage. Misusing information about AppFolio or our competitors is inconsistent with our values, prohibited by this Code, and potentially harmful to our business.  


  • Discuss divulge, or post proprietary information with competitors, such as prices, discounts, rebates, or other terms or conditions of sale, profits, profit margins, costs, or limitations on production or supply 
  • Use illegal or improper means to acquire proprietary information from others 
  • Enter into an agreement with any competitor concerning proprietary information 
  • Make false or misleading statements about our competitors’ products or services 


If you interact with competitors, customers, or suppliers, always maintain records of any data collected, including its sources. 


  • Employees in sales have a special responsibility to understand this policy and all company policies when engaging with new or existing customers. 
  • Employees involved in procurement also have an increased responsibility to adhere to this policy and to principles of fair competition when selecting suppliers based exclusively on normal commercial considerations and needs of the business 



Penalties for violating antitrust laws can have severe consequences for the company, including long and costly investigations, lawsuits, substantial fines, and reputational damage. Understanding antitrust and unfair competition laws can be difficult. Talk to your manager or Legal & Compliance if you have questions.





  • Always use common sense and good judgment. 
  • Share and obtain only publicly available information. 
  • Document and maintain records of data collected and sources. 
  • Present AppFolio’s products or services in a manner consistent with our Code and policies. 
  • If you think you have obtained proprietary information from a competitor, consult the Compliance & Ethics team. 


  • Receive or solicit information from customers or former employees of competitors.  
  • Make false or misleading statements about AppFolio or its competitors. 
  • Exaggerate, mislead, or fail to consider misunderstandings about our services or our terms. 
  • Make agreements with competitors that may limit competition in certain markets. 
  • Continue to contact a prospect after they have asked to not be contacted. 

Frequently asked questions

    A: Use caution when seeking information from current customers. Avoid questions that may appear to solicit competitor information. All employees, especially sales representatives, should never make false or misleading representations about new AppFolio products to new or existing customers. This can impact revenue recognition. If you have questions on what you can and can’t ask current or prospective customers, contact Legal & Compliance.

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    A: If you plan to talk to a competitor, disclose that you are an AppFolio employee and avoid having conversations about business that may lead to obtaining or disclosing confidential company information. Stick to discussing only public information. If you find yourself in this situation and have additional questions, reach out to your manager or ask a question through the Helpline.

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    A: No. You should end this conversation and contact the Legal & Compliance Team. Having a conversation about upcoming products with a competitor can give the appearance of impropriety. A general discussion about your job may be okay, but avoid discussing specific business topics like products or pricing.

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    Key Takeaways

    1. Use your judgment. Never solicit or disclose confidential or proprietary information from or to customers or competitors; seek to receive and disclose only publicly available information.  
    2. Understand the risks. To the extent that you obtain information from customers, competitors or suppliers, document all interactions, data collected and its sources. 
    3. Speak Up. If you believe you may have obtained or disclosed proprietary information – either knowingly or by mistake – contact the Legal & Compliance Team. 
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