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We are committed to diversity, equity & inclusion

We know that great people make a great company, and as we grow, we will continue to build an even more diverse and inclusive AppFolio

AppFolio’s goal is to hire, engage, and retain diverse teams of employees at all levels in order to build a long-term, successful company. We recognize this is an ongoing journey, and it’s one we are committed to every day.


We have been committed to diversity since the beginning – we’ve always valued building teams that reflect a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and approaches on how to best serve our customers. Diversity isn’t something we see as a separate initiative or program – it is woven into our values and everything we do.

Key Takeaways

  1. We are committed to making diversity and inclusion a cultural competency.

  2. We actively teach and transfer our values to carry forward our unique culture and guide our future business success.

  3. To learn more about AppFolio’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, reach out to AppFolio’s Inclusion & Development team.

Our commitment to a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion starts at the top and cascades to our employees, who we look to lead and foster various initiatives. AppFolio’s employee-led resource groups create an environment where everyone is valued for their uniqueness, while also feeling part of the larger whole.  


Being inclusive means that everyone is treated fairly and heard. We demonstrate this in different ways, from our practice of small, focused teams to setting annual company initiatives together as an organization. 


Our recruiting practices are focused to attract and hire employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences and approaches – at all levels of the company. We have key partnerships with universities and professional organizations that are focused on closing the diversity gap and growing our team. 


We are growing more inclusive, accountable leaders and employees at every level of our organization by offering a variety of learning experiences that foster belonging and model diversity and inclusion as a cultural competency. Through a robust, evolving selection of programs and continuous opportunities for employee feedback, we actively teach and transfer our values, know-how, and best practices to carry forward and evolve our unique culture and guide our future business success. We also nurture the next generation of leaders through programs where they work with peers and senior leaders to solve important business problems, and receive individualized support to strengthen key leadership competencies.

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