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Safeguarding company & customer information

Protect our company and customers by maintaining the integrity of our confidential information


We each have a duty to protect AppFolio’s proprietary and/or confidential information. This includes data or information that is not known or otherwise accessible to the public and can be harmful to AppFolio, our customers and business partners, consumers, or to you if disclosed. Each employee who has access to proprietary and/or confidential information must ensure that it is used only for authorized purposes. This means protecting it from theft, unauthorized disclosure, and inappropriate use.

Follow the guidelines below when handling confidential information:

  • Never share it with outsiders (including family and friends)
  • Only share it with other AppFolians who need it to do their job
  • Don’t attempt to answer press inquiries or inquiries from media, investors, or analysts on behalf of the company. Information about AppFolio should only be shared by a certified AppFolio spokesperson
  • Never post confidential information on blogs, personal websites, online forums, and other social media platforms, and follow AppFolio's Social Media Policy, within the Employee Handbook
  • If you have to share information with someone outside of AppFolio (i.e. if there is a legitimate business reason for doing so), always contact the Corporate Communications or Legal & Compliance team for approval and how to share the information securely


Key Takeaways

  1. Keep confidential information confidential. Know what AppFolio information is considered proprietary and/or confidential and how to handle it.

  2. Protect AppFolio (and yourself!). Disclosing information (intentionally or inadvertently) can be harmful to AppFolio, to our customers and business partners, consumers, or to you if disclosed. Disclosure can result in a violation of laws, create conflicts of interest, and other problems for you and the company.

  3. Don’t speak on behalf of AppFolio. Refer press inquiries to the Corporate Communications Team or the Compliance & Ethics Team, and know the rules for posting on Social Media.

Frequently asked questions

    A: Use your best judgment. Any information about our company and our customers that the general public doesn't have knowledge of or access to is likely confidential. If you are unsure if the information you’re dealing with is proprietary and/or confidential, review AppFolio’s Data Classification Policy, or reach out to the Information Security Team and/or the Compliance & Ethics Team for guidance.

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    A: Disclosing AppFolio’s or its customers’ confidential information can result in harm to AppFolio and, potentially, risk for you (through violations of insider trading laws, creation of conflicts of interest and more). Carefully consider any communication you make via any channel and, if in doubt, reach out to the Compliance & Ethics Team.

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