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Engaging third parties responsibly

We engage ethical third parties that are committed to following our Code and upholding our standards


It is our responsibility to ensure that all third parties who may act on our behalf, such as consultants, agents and suppliers, follow AppFolio’s Code of Conduct, and uphold the ethical standards we set for ourselves. All third parties must be properly vetted prior to onboarding or establishing a relationship with AppFolio. Depending on the type of business partner and the nature and scope of work and/or business terms, additional due diligence processes involving Legal and/or Compliance, Information Security, and Finance may be required. 

When engaging a third party:

  • Follow AppFolio’s processes and procedures for onboarding new third parties
  • Understand the risks when onboarding and the business rationale for engaging them
  • Select third parties based on our company’s business needs
  • Select third parties based on their skills and qualifications. Selection should never be based on a relationship between you or another AppFolio employee and the third party
  • Never accept payments (kickbacks) or any other benefits from a third party in return for referring their services to AppFolio
  • Outline specific processes to monitor the ongoing relationship in the contract
  • If a third party requires access to AppFolio data, fill out the third party security evaluation form (after asking the third party the related questions) and the security team will reach out once the request is reviewed. The full process is documented here

Frequently asked questions

    A: Like all vendors and third parties, your friend’s company will be required to undergo AppFolio’s vendor due diligence process. Once the business need for the service has been established, it is important to review other suppliers considered for the job to ensure fair competition. The vendor will also be required to undergo standard screening procedures. The ultimate decision of who to select should be made by all key stakeholders. If your friend’s company is chosen, another employee should be responsible for managing the relationship, to avoid potential conflicts of interest (or the appearance of a conflict of interest).

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    Key Takeaways

    1. Understand the risks suppliers pose to our business and know how to manage relationships.

    2. Disclose existing relationships with suppliers prior to onboarding.

    3. Speak up. If you’re unsure if a vendor you are looking to onboard requires additional vetting or due diligence, contact the Compliance & Ethics Team. 

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