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Ask questions & raise concerns

Speak up and ask for help

At AppFolio, we are committed to fostering an inclusive culture, where open and honest communications are the standard. We are counting on you to come forward when you believe violations of this Code, our policies or the law may have occurred. 


As part of our open-door culture, we encourage you to discuss concerns with your manager, Human Resources Business Partner and/or the Compliance & Ethics team first whenever possible. If you are not comfortable speaking to your manager, you are encouraged to submit a report via our anonymous Helpline. For all suspected Information Security Policy violations, please contact the Information Security Team.  


The Helpline is mobile-friendly and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you wish to make a confidential report, or ask questions regarding compliance, ethics and/or company policies. 

The Helpline is accessible via:

1. Online:

2. Phone:

   (800) 461-9330

3. Text Message:

   (805) 303-8360


All reports made to any of the above channels will be taken seriously and handled promptly. If a report must be investigated, the following course of action will be taken:

  • The Compliance & Ethics Team will determine the appropriate team to undertake the investigation.
  • The reporting party will be contacted for additional information. If an anonymous report is submitted to the Helpline, the reporting party will be contacted via our secure platform and will have the option to maintain anonymity.
  • The assigned investigator will interview teammates (if known) and named parties, and review relevant documentation.
  • Upon conclusion of the investigation, the investigating team will provide the investigation outcome and implement remediation issues, if applicable. If known, the reporting party will be contacted regarding the investigation outcome.

Frequently asked questions

    A: The Helpline is operated by a third-party compliance and ethics-related software company. The third party software company collects information from the reporting party and securely sends it to AppFolio’s Compliance & Ethics Team, who will determine the appropriate course of action to ensure the report is addressed timely and appropriately. 

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    A: Yes. You can remain fully anonymous when making a report through the Helpline, except in cases of emergency when there is a potential for imminent threat to a person, property or the environment.

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    A: It’s better to raise a concern than to wait and cause potential harm to you, another employee or the company. Provide as much information as you can – remember that AppFolio will not retaliate against you for notifying it of any good-faith complaints, concerns or questions. Retaliation is in and of itself a reportable violation of AppFolio policies and the law and should be reported.

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