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Using company assets & systems responsibly


We are stewards of our company’s assets. We use them responsibly at all times

AppFolio provides its employees with tools and resources to help carry out our business needs. You are expected to use them only for activities related to your job and safeguard them from theft, carelessness, and waste.

Company property

Company property – such as company credit cards and funds, computer equipment, software, phones, and the company information, emails, or data they contain – must be used properly and for appropriate business purposes. Occasional personal use of equipment is permitted, as long as it does not interfere with work or violate the law. Never use company communication systems or equipment to promote personal causes or opinions (such as social, political, or religious beliefs), or illegal activity.

When communicating or sending information on the company’s systems or equipment (or on personal equipment to the extent it is used to store company information and/or data) employees should have no expectation of privacy. For more information on company communication systems and employee privacy, review the Employee Handbook.

Company Expenses

We make thoughtful and purposeful decisions to focus on the things that matter most, improve operational excellence, and make strategic investments. AppFolians should refer to the following policies for guidance on travel or spending money when carrying out their roles and responsibilities for the Company:




  • Safeguard AppFolio’s equipment, hardware, and communication systems
  • Delete files and messages that no longer have a business use – refer to our Records Retention Policy for more information
  • Spend company funds wisely and in accordance with our Travel and Expense Policy and Travel and Expense Procedure
  • Understand when and how certain notification/consent is obtained from customers and consumers for conversations that are recorded on company software
  • Think before you send: Exercise judgment and professionalism when communicating on work platforms
  • Immediately report any misuse or suspected misuse of company assets to the Information Security Team


  • Use company technology for personal use
  • Click on links or open attachments sent from unknown senders
  • Install unauthorized software on company-issued devices
  • Share your passwords to access company systems with anyone
  • Leave your computer unattended

Frequently asked questions

    A: Work responsibilities should be completed from an AppFolio managed (“work”) device, such as a company-issued laptop, when possible. Certain applications, such as communication and video call platforms, may be accessed on personal devices unless you are handling sensitive customer data. Never connect to any AppFolio system that houses customer data from a personal device and never download customer data to personal devices. Refer to AppFolio’s Device Policy and BYOD Policy within the Employee Handbook for more information.

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    A: You may use the company’s internal communication systems to raise awareness about certain charitable causes. However, using company communication systems as a means to fundraise or support political activities, such as events for politicians or political campaigns, is never allowed. If you’re unsure if the communication method you are using to raise awareness about a cause is appropriate, contact Compliance & Ethics or The Communications team. Review these tips for using internal Communications systems.

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    Key Takeaways

    1. You are responsible for protecting AppFolio’s systems and information. Never misuse company assets or share your passwords with anyone.

    2. Understand privacy expectations. You have no expectation of privacy with respect to communications or information that are sent, received or stored on the company’s systems or equipment (or on personal equipment to the extent it is used to store company information and/or data).

    3. Speak up. Contact your manager or the Compliance & Ethics Team if you suspect misuse of company assets.

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